Connecting Yoga Teachers with Communities in Need

Sensible Solution

We aim to link underserved or underprivileged communities desiring yoga with a yoga teacher who is able to teach to that specific community.

Doing Good

SCYS is a charitable organization, incorporated in the state of Florida in 2012. 

Beyond The Box

We seek to bring yoga to combat vets recovering from PTSD, youth in shelters awaiting foster care, women in shelters, children with ailments, seniors on limited budgets, and many more.

Our Strategy

SCYS promotes the practice of yoga as therapy and is prepared to help yoga teachers, through both training and funding, become better educated in learning how to teach these communities.

 The Sanskrit word "sanga" means community and "yoga" means to unite.  The words "surya" and "chandra" literally mean sun and moon; however, they also imply two things that are opposites but that can be brought into harmony and balance.  Thus, the Surya Chandra Yoga Sanga is a community seeking to unite individuals from different beliefs, backgrounds, and traditions working toward the higher purpose of self-study, dedicated practice, and service.