Surya Chandra Yoga Sanga
Connecting Yoga Teachers with Communities in Need

Surya Chandra Yoga Sanga
Surya Chandra Yoga Sanga is a charitable organization whose mission is to link underserved or underprivileged communities desiring yoga with a yoga teacher who is able to teach to that specific community.  SCYS promotes the practice of yoga as therapy and is prepared to help yoga teachers become better educated in learning how to teach these communities through both training and funding.
Surya Chandra Yoga Sanga seeks to bring yoga to: 
  • combat vets recovering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • youth in shelters awaiting foster care
  • women in shelters who have suffered through battering and abuse
  • children with Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, autism, or other ailments
  • seniors on limited budgets
  • and much more
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